Hi, I’m Stacy!


As a co-creative priest with over 20 years of experience in ordained ministry, The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan integrates teaching and learning, research and practice, theological education and ministry in and beyond parish, school, seminary, and digital contexts. In addition to serving as a parish priest, through Learning Forte she shares her expertise in pedagogy, curriculum design, change management, and digital learning. With her research partner, The Rev. Kyle Oliver, Stacy created the Digital Literacy Toolkit. She also developed Chaplains Engage, a series that explores school chaplaincy as an effective ministry model in any context.

Who i am

Educator, Priest, Creative Collaborator

Personal Story

The church has been important to Stacy as one of the few truly intergenerational communities where one can grow deep friendships across age.

Chickasaw Story

Stacy has worked to reconcile her identities as both white and Chickasaw- a recognition that has brought so much peace and joy.

Professional Story

A priest since 2000, Stacy understands her ministry as deeply grounded in the Episcopal Church’s Baptismal Covenant.

Let’s Connect

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to send a message with the form down below. I'll be in touch shortly!